The autumn harvest

Been too long since I posted! First there was the long, hot drought, which meant that commenting on gardens–at least mine–was basically senseless, since everything was as parched and dry as the Texas panhandle. And then I went on a brief (but lovely) vacation to the seashore, and moved my daughter into her first real apartment … oh, what the heck. You don’t want to hear excuses; you only want to see the baby. So, for a good month and a half after the initial early-July plethora of tomatoes, there were no more tomatoes (see drought, above). But now the tomatoes have started to come back in, as has a fine mini-crop of jalapeños. And I cut a bunch of white (now green) hydrangeas–they’re Proven Winners’ ‘Incrediball,’ and the flower heads really are as big as a child’s head–and put them in a white vase a friend from work gave me, and took a photo of the whole blessed thing, and this is the result. It makes me feel better about a harvest year that didn’t quite turn out as well as I had hoped.

I should mention, however, that I planted some free nicotiana seeds that came with my seed order this year, way back in the spring. Then I more or less forgot about them. Hey, guess what? The seeds germinated, the plants got WAY big and fluffy before I realized what they were, and if frost holds off just another three weeks or so, I’ll have the lovely, unmistakeable fragrance of Nicotiana alata in my garden this year!


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