Stocking up

You know how you wander through the grocery store in spring and see those twirly display thingees with the little packets of seeds on them? Yeah. Well. I can’t walk past one of those display thingees without buying some seeds. I mean. Half the time they’re 25 percent off, and they only cost two bucks to begin with, so how can you lose?

You can lose because the seeds don’t come up sometimes. Then again, you can also surprise yourself.

Last spring, I bought a packet of stock seeds–Matthiola incana. I love stocks, especially their spicy, clove-esque smell. I rarely see them in nurseries, so I usually only get to enjoy them if they happen to be included in a bouquet the husband buys me. But I went ahead and planted my stock seeds, even though I knew they preferred cool weather and weren’t likely to do well.

Well! They came up! I wouldn’t say they’re anything like florist stocks; the flowers are single, not double (there’s a long explanation on Wikipedia of single-blossomed and double-blossomed stocks and genetics and alleles, if YOU want to read it), and they’re only about five inches off the ground so far. Still, one is blooming! I’m so excited! I feel like an expert nurserywoman, I must say.

Photo by Kenpei licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.


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