I spotted them, I bought them

So I stopped by Home Depot yesterday to buy some caulk so I could recaulk the tub in the bathroom. I was actually re-recaulking the bathtub, because I just recaulked it, but somebody keeps sticking his big feet in one of the corners and mucking up the caulk, and it ain’t me. I found the caulk and picked out a tube (there sure are a lot of different kinds of caulk), and made my way toward the exit … and was stopped by a huge display of bulbs and seeds.

Now, it is true that my mail-order seeds just arrived last weekend, and I haven’t even got them in the ground yet. (Tomorrow!) But that didn’t stop me from picking out just a few lil’ packets of seeds. I got some sunflowers, and some linum, and some stocks (yeah, I know; good luck with that), which I thought was fairly restrained. But then I went and spent the big bucks on a dozen caladium ‘Little Miss Muffet’ (so cute and spotty!) and a half-dozen ‘Muscadet’ Oriental lilies (also freckly!). I guess I was just in the mood for spots. The ‘Muscadet’ bulbs already have an inch or so of growth on them—gotta get them in the ground! It’s always been my theory that it’s impossible to have too many Oriental lilies. This year, I’m not going to plant them in the side yard, where the very cute little boys next door chopped off all my lilies’ heads last year!

Photo by Thorkild Poulsen licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license.


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