You say clematis …

I say CLEM-atis. My sister says cle-MA-tis, which I think sounds phony and stuck up, but what do I know? I ordered my seeds, finally, last night–spent way too much money on ’em, as usual. This year’s lucky recipient of my order was Select Seeds, whose motto is “Heirloom treasures for modern gardens.” Nice, huh? I got the usual collection of sweet peas, calendula, poppies (both California and non-California), nasturtiums and cornflowers. Hopefully they’ll get here in time for me to make my St. Patrick’s Day target planting date.

Um. I also bought a couple of plants. Just a couple. Really, I was very restrained. I was also ordering for my BGF (Best Gardening Friend) Ruth, and she started it, dammit! She ordered a cup-and-saucer plant. And there’s a three-plant minimum order. So, uh, I had to order two more plants, right, or Ruth would have been disappointed? Besides. I wanted them.

So I ordered a mandevilla, ‘Alice duPont,’ that’s the nice pink one. One-year-old plant. The catalog says it’s “lightly fragrant,” which is news to me, though I’ve planted mandevilla before. Hopefully it will get big and bushy and I’ll be able to overwinter it to justify the $5.99 price tag.

I also ordered a clematis. I really love clematis. Select Seeds didn’t have much of a selection–a pink, a purple that’s a lot like one I already have, the ‘Sweet Autumn’ one that will take over your neighborhood if you plant it … what I really wanted was ‘Henrii,’ but no dice. However! SS did have a clematis I’ve never heard of before, Clematis triternata ‘Rubromarginata,’ which it SAYS will bloom from summer to fall and gets 10 feet tall. Also? It’s an heirloom, from 1862, and has a “sweet fragrance that’s been likened to almond.” Sounds terrific, right? Well, we’ll see. Just now I went exploring for photos and it looks like this puppy gets pretty big and fluffy. I’ll have to put it close to the fence next to the neighbor who can’t stand wild things.


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