The cannibalized bouquet

Back at Thanksgiving, my in-laws brought us a really nice table arrangement of mums (yes, mums), sea holly, carnations and Peruvian lilies. It’s lasted a terrifically long time, with some faithful watering, but I noticed yesterday that the lilies had more or less given up the ghost, and some of the mums looked glum. On the other hand, a lot of what was there, especially the sea holly and some bright yellow, daisy-like mums, were fresh as, well, daisies. So I decided to cannibalize the bouquet. I pulled all the sea holly (a.k.a. Eryngium) and made a tiny, prickly bouquet of them to put atop a cabinet. Then I pulled out the best of the mums and carnations and made a pretty little arrangement of them. The carnations are the exact same burgundy shade as some dried hydrangeas I have on an antique desk, so I put the two bouquets next to one another. Voilà! Two new arrangements to enjoy, plus I can put the rest of the original arrangement in the composter, where it will feed next summer’s flowers!

Disturbing ivory sculpture by Leonhard Kern, 1650, photographed by Andreas Praefcke.


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