What is it about me and ruffles? It seems like all the flowers I love best have ’em—old-fashioned roses, peonies, sweet peas and poppies. I was thinking about ruffles while I paged through my spring bulb catalog, wondering how much I dared spend on such luxuries when times are tight, both here at our house and around the country. Is $30 too much to spend on tulips and daffodils? $50? Are flowers truly a luxury?

Well, cut flowers are, unless you cut them from your own garden. I very, very rarely will spend my own money for cut flowers, though I love having them in the house. To me, the definition of “rich” is a house full of blooms. It’s the only part of magazine pictures of fancy decorated houses I really relate to. You can have your antique sofas, your hand-painted wallpaper, those elaborate window swags—what I want is that glass vase of irises!

So I try to rationalize my purchases for the garden. Some people smoke, or gamble, or drink. Me, I plant. And while you can’t eat hollyhocks and sunflowers, they’re still food—food for my soul.

All of which is a long way of saying—I spent way too much money on spring bulbs this year. I’m plant-profligate; I can’t help myself. It’s not all that much dough in the great scheme of things. Among the bulbs I ordered from Scheepers were these parrot tulips, called ‘Rococo.’ So they are—and for a ruffle-lover, they may be the ruffliest things yet!

Photo courtesy of John Scheepers, Inc.


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