What’s in a vampire garden

I have in my hand my spring bulb order, and just popped in here before I go place it with John Scheepers. I also have in my hand the spring bulb order of my BGF (Best Gardening Friend) Ruth, who came over today for tea and biscotti while we made our joint order up together (so we could save on shipping costs; she’s also my BFF, Best Frugal Friend). And I was struck anew by how totally different our tastes are. For example. Ruth is ordering ‘Queen of the Night’ tulips. These are very, very deep purple tulips; in the photos, the catalogs make them look black. She’s also ordering ‘Black Parrot’ tulips (shown above), also deep dark purple, and to go with them, ‘King’s Blood’ tulips, which are deep crimson red. Her excuse? “I’m planting them against a white shed, and I want them to really pop.” You don’t fool me, girl. You’re a secret Twilight devotée, and you’re planting a vampire garden!

Photo courtesy of White Flower Farms, whiteflowerfarms.com.


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