Partnering up

It’s time to order spring-flowering bulbs, so today my BGF (Best Gardening Friend) Ruth and I had lunch together at a new Mexican place in town, and pored over the John Scheepers catalog together. It only makes sense to order with a buddy when you get your plants or bulbs by mail; postage and shipping has become so expensive! And there’s also the great pleasure of looking at the photos with a friend and discussing what’s worked in your garden before, what hasn’t, what you keep falling for even when you know you shouldn’t (why are bulbs like men that way?), and all that good stuff. Gardening’s a pretty solitary activity, on the whole; I don’t want to be making small talk with anyone while I’m shoveling compost out of my composter, or digging holes for daffodils. But ordering–that’s the stuff of good conversation and companionship. So what am I getting? Definitely more of the combo of tulips ‘Renown’ and ‘Dordogne’ (the one shown above) that was so striking for me last year. My BGF Ruth looked at the two photos together and said, “I don’t get it. They don’t LOOK like they’d look good together.” But oh, how they did! Here’s a toast to garden serendipity.

Oh, damn. Just checked the website, and JS is sold out of ‘Dordogne.’ Oh, well! Back to the catalog!

Photo courtesy of John S. Scheepers.


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