Very latebloomers

Just when I’m ready to give up on the garden for the year, a bunch of exceedingly late bloomers are making it interesting again. Probably the most surprising resurrection is my Proven Winners mecardonia, ‘GoldDust.’ This pretty little thing never really got off the ground this summer; it didn’t like the heat (though instructions promised it was a heat lover). I put one plant directly in the ground and put the other in a planter. The one in the planter burned out in the brutal heat of June, and the one in the ground just sort of shriveled up as well. I have to admit, I pretty much forgot about them.

Then yesterday, while I was poking around for late-season tomatoes, I noticed that the one I’d planted in the ground was bright green and bushy, if you can call something that only grows about three inches high “bushy.” I checked the container, and sure enough, it had come back, too. They were flowering as well. I’m not really sure where a plant this tiny–the leaves and flowers really are diminutive—belongs in the garden. But I’d try it again, right up front, where I usually plant sweet alyssum or portulaca or lobelia—IF the Farmer’s Almanac was calling for a nice, cool summer.

Photo courtesy of Proven Winners®,


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