Who says orange doesn’t go with purple?

Nature knows better even than the experts on Project Runway. I’d never have planted an orange flower next to a purple one, but this, my favorite zinnia in my garden, shows how little I know. The purple halo absolutely MAKES this blossom. And the best news is, this puppy is prolific. I have orange/purple beauties to spare! Sort of makes up for a tapering off of tomato production, which may be due to the virus my plants seem to have contracted, or may be simply part of the ebb and flow all gardens go through.

I spent a good hour this afternoon ripping crabgrass and weeds out, including back in the alleyway. It seems unfair to me that I should have to weed there, since it’s not really my property. I used to just let nature have its willful way there, but then it dawned on me that invaders there were only going to wind up in my yard anyway.

I love that crown of yellow at the center, too. All in all, a real beauty—even if it does appear my bunnies have been doing a bit of damage along the sides!


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