Hey hey hey that’s some bouquet

All right, I’m just flat-out made happy by having big bouquets of my zinnias all over the house. Some years, I buy zinnia plants before they bloom, plant them, and end up with all red zinnias. This year, I bought zinnia plants before they bloomed, planted them—and ended up with the most wonderfully harmonious mixture of pastels. There’s a sort of salmony-pink there on the right that I especially love, along with a deep orange that has a circle of pale purple at the center. (!) I wasn’t sure about the quilled petals—for a while, it looked as though ALL my zinnias would have quilled petals—but they don’t. The variety of shapes and the glorious colors have really made my week, which is about as long as this bouquet will be in good shape.

And by then, there will be lots more zinnias to pick!


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