Midsummer madness

Yesterday was the solstice, and my Druidish heart was very glad to see photos online of  pagans frolicking around at Stonehenge. You go, pagans! My favorite photo was of something known as the Mari Lwyd, or “Grey Mare” in Wales, a skeletal horse’s head that’s ribbon-bedecked and otherwise decorated festively and carried around from house to house at Christmastime. Granted, Midsummer’s Eve is the direct opposite of Christmas, but if you had one of these in your attic, wouldn’t you seize every possible opportunity to take it out? The pagans’ midsummer gathering at Stonehenge used to be spontaneous, but now I understand you have to get a numbered permit to get on the grounds, because of some regrettable heathen rowdiness a few years back.

Someday I hope to make it to Stonehenge to check it all out. My peeps hail from that part of England, so I feel a certain kinship. Meantime, I understand perfectly well why folks would want to celebrate at this time of year. The long summer days, the gardens stuffed and overflowing with beautiful flowers, the end of school (yay!), and a whole host of graduation parties for my son’s graduating class have all combined into a heady sort of delirium hereabouts. So haul out those horses’ heads, and let’s get crazy! After all, midsummer comes but once a year.


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