A proper poppy

The first of my maybe-opium poppies opened two days ago, but it was so windy that half the petals blew away before I could get out the back door to seem it! It was a very strange-looking flower, with the petals deeply fringed. I wouldn’t say it was especially attractive, but it was eye-catching. This beauty, however, is Take Two of the maybe-0pium poppies, and I think it’s lovely. (You can see Take Three, a purply version, in the background to the right.) I love the way the big, heavy buds hang on loops of stem–you can see one at the very bottom of the photo–and then straighten up once they open up.

Sometimes my love for poppies blinds me to the fact that as flowers go, they’re pretty ephemeral. Or maybe it’s that their ephemeralness (ephemerality?) is what makes me love them so. Now I face a true dilemma. I usually deadhead poppies to keep the flowers coming. But if I want my own poppy seeds from these puppies, I’m going to have to forego some later show. Hmmm … have to think about this one for a while … Either way, it’s going to be a testament to delayed gratification!


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