Diary of a mad gardener

I’ll be the first to admit it—I’m not super-organized. I try to keep a lid on all the different things going on in my life, but most days, I’m barely holding it together. I’m especially bad at any sort of follow-through when it comes to my garden. I’m always so delighted to see stuff coming up there that I don’t bother to check back, most times, to see what I actually planted, what didn’t come up, and what, therefore, I shouldn’t be ordering again.

Being a trial gardener for the Proven Winners company for the past few years has made me better at keeping track of what they send me to try out. But that organizational success only comes at the cost of the rest of what I plant. There are just limits to how much I can hold in my head! And while I should be taking notes, well, yeah, I should also be getting more exercise, and eating less red meat, and being nicer to my husband and kids. So get off my case. I do what I can.

Today, though, uncharacteristically, I decided to try to find the list of what spring bulbs I ordered last fall, from the John Scheepers company. I knew I’d seen the list not all that long ago, though of course I hadn’t put it anywhere logical, like in the kitchen drawer where I keep empty seed packets from years past. (That may sound organized, but since I’ve kept them from many years past, and haven’t really labeled them, it’s not.) There are some spring bulbs coming up in my garden beds, true. But it seemed to me I’d ordered A WHOLE LOT of tulip bulbs last autumn, and there don’t seem to be A WHOLE LOT of tulips coming up. Which is a pity, because one of my dreams in life is to be able to afford to plant enough tulip bulbs in fall to be able to pick bouquets all spring (sort of like in the photo above). And I’d thought, back in November, that this time I might actually be able to bring myself to cut some tulips and bring them inside without making too much of a dent in my outdoor display.

It took a lot of rooting (hee!) around, but I finally located my list. And sure enough, I don’t think my bulbs are doing so great, percentage-wise. I planted 95 (!) tulip bulbs last November. And I can see maybe 60 coming up at the moment. That’s less than two-thirds.

Could be mice. Could be moles. Could be voles. Can’t be deer, because the area’s way too densely populated for deer. Could be that it was a very wet, cold winter, followed by a wet, cold spring. Good gardeners make notes on things like this, so they can learn from past mistakes and make their gardens better. When–if–my measly tulips bloom, I swear to God I’m going to write down what types did well and what types didn’t, and have the list tattooed on my calf.

Photo by kkmd licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 License.


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