Punkin’ weather

Okay, happy Thanksgiving and all. Now we’ve got that over with, what’s the common thread here?

1. My in-laws took us out to breakfast today and there were azalea flowers on a bush in the parking lot.

2. I have a rose blooming in my side yard.

3. There was frost on the grass in the backyard this morning.

4. The wind blew over all the chairs on the patio this afternoon.

5. It was sunny and hot just before the sun went down.

6. It’s colder than Kansas right now and I just asked my husband to bring the big hibiscus plant in. That’s right; tonight I’m throwing in the towel at last.

Gardening is going to get more and more challenging if this overall weather weirdness continues. Oh, and speaking of weirdness: Last night I was casting about desperately for something on TV to hold the attention of my in-laws, me, my husband, and the two kids. The only thing we could all agree on (well, except for daughter Marcy, but even she found it entertaining) was something called Punkin Chunkin’ on the Science Channel, about weirdos who build giant catapults and trebuchets with which to hurl small pumpkins for distance in competitions in front of huge drunken crowds dressed in autumn-themed apparel. Best line: A dad, when asked about his grown-ass son’s hobby of making gigantic pumpkin-chunkin’ contraptions, said, “The boy’s an idiot.” It brought down the house. Highly recommended!

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