The green, green grass of home


Yes, work’s been really busy lately. And yes, we were “down the shore” for Labor Day weekend, and yes, the weather’s been really rainy. But I’m working from home this week, and the weather’s certainly been stellar, and I’ve been whacking jobs off my to-do list, but there’s one that still lingers: MOW THE LAWN.

It’s silly, really. My lawn is the size of a postage stamp. Granted, I have a push mower (ever see one? No motor!), but even so, it only takes me about half an hour to do the mowing. And it is true that at the moment my yard is overrun with overgrown cleome and sunflowers that bop you upside the head when you try to walk amongst them. Still, I have no good excuse for not buckling down and getting the damned lawn mowed.

Except for this: It’s such a rarity for my lawn to look this good this time of year. And by “good,” I don’t mean weed-free and perfect; I simply mean green. Usually August is a month of total brown-out for grass in these parts. (And Homer and his copious amounts of urine didn’t help.) But right now, my lawn looks great: rich green, with swathes of bright emerald new growth. (Though, again, you do have to duck the cleome and sunflowers to get a good view.)

So. There MOW THE LAWN sits, on my list. It may sit there a while. There are so many other ways to spend even a half-hour this time of year–taking in a field hockey game at the high-school, repotting a few houseplants, sweeping my new front porch, baking cookies to send to my daughter at college in a surprise care package. The lawn will still be there, whenever I get to it. And if I never do get to it? Sometime along about January, there’ll be snow. 🙂

Photo by Ed Markovich.


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